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About Tack Electrical Solutions

 Karl Brooks, Tack Electrical Solutions

aka Super Electrican

 Tack Electrical Super Hero

Karl Brooks

Electrical Wizard and Supervisor

I am a down to earth kind of guy. I always go that extra mile, which often lands me in trouble – but hey, that’s me!

I love my job, working with different customers and using my “can do” attitude to all my electrical works. Go on. Put me to the test. Call Tack Electrical today and ask for Karl. I like coffee or tea with two sugars and keep them coming. (Don’t worry. I set myself goals to reach before drinking tea on a customer time).

As an electrician I have done many (including some great) things in my time. With this experience, I enjoy passing my inspiration and ideas on to customers – and watching their faces as they see an idea come to life with a flick of a switch.

There is no greater job satisfaction for me than ripping out some old dangerous electrics and installing completely new ones, knowing that you will be safe in the future. This why we insist on a site visit before giving you a quotation – we won’t give them over the phone, because doing that can mean that important details are missed.

I enjoy being part of a growing company which, by listening to its customers, continually changes its processes to improve your experience through the work we do.

I’m a family man with a lovely wife and four fantastic kids whom I love spending time with when I can.

Timely Visits

No Waiting In All Day

You deserve better. We’ll call you to book an appointment and give you our time of arrival. If we get called out on an emergency, we’ll let you know.

You will be called an hour before our engineer arrives. This means you are free to go about your business, safe in the knowledge that you will not miss our engineer when he calls.

Innovative Ideas

Every day brings new ways to save energy – and new ways to help you around your home and your business.

There’s a lot of talk about the ‘internet of things’, but at Tack Electrical we turn that talk into action by suggesting exactly how new technology can make your life better. So why not ask us how we could help you?


Advanced Technology

Remember how we’d just got used to low-energy bulbs when LED technology came along to replace them?

That’s just one example of the innovative Tack Electrical encounter every day – so we make it part of our job to keep up to date with them, to ensure you will always have the very best solution to all your electrical requirements.


Clear communication

At Tack we work hard to keep up with what’s new, and harder still to make sure we don’t blind you with science.

Whether we’re quoting for a major installation or simply advising you on maintenance or repairs, we’ll make sure that you understand exactly what’s needed – with no jargon, no tech talk, and no buzzwords.

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