Fuse board upgrades

Your fuse board is the heart of your electrical installation. If it’s working well, the whole electrical system works well. Upgrading just this one component could save lives and ensure many years of safety for your household.Modern Fuse board

Tack Electrical will install a dual RCD (Residual Current Device) board, making sure that half the house is on one RCD and the other is on the second RCD. That way if you have a problem – and one RCD trips off – you can still run your home with minimal power and lighting until help arrives (see Helping customers 24-7).

Many older homes have wooden mounted fuse boards with domino-type fuses. If your home has these you will notice they have blue, white and red dots on them. Often these fuse boards are not marked up, and it can be difficult to know which circuit each fuse controls – or even what’s connected to that particular circuit. So if, for example, you wanted to turn off the upstairs lighting circuit your only option might well be to turn off the whole box. Which might make it difficult to see what you were doing!

If your fusebox has a wooden back, cast-iron switches, or a mixture of fuses it was probably installed before the 1960s – and will be in urgent need of replacement. So why not let Tack Electrical put your mind at ease today?

Any new fuse board that we install will be fitted with dual RCDs. It will also come fully marked up with all your circuit information, full instructions on how to use the board, and with our contact number – so you’ll know who to call in your hour of need!

Of course, full NICEIC certification for the whole house comes as standard, along with a six-year guarantee insurance backed by the NICEIC.

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