Cat5e and networking installations

Home networking

Wireless networking may seem like the perfect solution for your home computer network, but that isn’t always the case. If the network isn’t completely secure then someone sitting outside the house could conceivably steal your data – and sometimes a wireless network simply doesn’t reach every part of the house where you might want to use a device.

So can Tack Electrical hard-wire a home network? Yes we can!

Perhaps you’re looking for a complete networking solution, with multiple cables running from each room back to a central position, or a home hub? If so, no problem.

Or perhaps you just want to get rid of the trip hazard created when your teenager runs a cable from the router upstairs to the XBox Live in their bedroom? In that case we’d run a BT cable to the lounge so the router could be in a more central position, then install the Cat5e network from the lounge up to the room it’s needed in – no fuss, job done.

Do you need to bring tradesmen in for work on your property? Or are you planning other kinds of electrical work? If so, it’s worth thinking about installing cables like these even if they’re not needed right now. If you do, don’t forget to make a note of where they are – that way if you decide to move the new owner will be aware that the cables are in place, and know where to find them.


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April 4, 2015