Intercoms and doorbell installations

intercoms and doorbell installation

Wireless doorbells sound like a great idea – but is yours driving you crazy?

It might if your doorbell rings every time someone presses your neighbour’s bell push – or if the batteries are in constant need of¬†replacement.

In either case, Tack Electrical can help. You may simply need to change the frequency on the bell and bell push – or upgrade to a mains-powered doorbell (which means no more batteries to change!)

Getting it right is important – you don’t want to miss visitors, or parcel deliveries, and you may well want to have a choice of ringtones for the bell. (Why not change the ringtone at Christmas, for example?)

Looking for something more sophisticated? Then once again we can help. For example, we can install an intercom system allowing a disabled person to respond when the doorbell rings, check out the caller, and open the door – all from the comfort of their armchair. And a system like this could be equally useful if (like many small businesses) you have an office set up in an outbuilding.

An audio system is relatively inexpensive – and you can add video at a price that may come as a pleasant surprise. Better yet, Tack Electrical can install it for you – so why not give us a call on 020 8088 1816 to find out more?


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April 7, 2015