Phones and telecoms

Phones and telecoms

If you are having electrical work done – or you have other trades working on your property – take a few moments to think about your phones.

Do you need some additional phone points around the house? Or, perhaps, a second line for your office?

Whilst you have other trades in, or electrical works are being done, consider thinking about running telephone cables and whether you need an extra BT point in that room. Or maybe a second line for your office?

Why you need extra phone points

In case of emergency it’s always a very good idea to have a phone point in your bedroom as well as any points you might have downstairs. Cordless phones may not be good enough – they simply won’t work if the power has failed, because they depend on power being delivered to the base station.

And you won’t see the cables

If the thought of phone cables clipped around doorframes and along skirting boards is putting you off – it needn’t. At Tack Electrical we like to think that if you can see a cable after we’ve finished work then we haven’t done our job properly!


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April 4, 2015