Wire-free intruder alarms

Infinite® Prime wire-free alarm

Although crimes against property are becoming less common, the figures show that properties without basic security are most likely to be targeted.

The solution is affordable, and does not require wiring – because at Tack Electrical we are now installing a state of the art, wire-free intruder alarm system called “Infinite® Prime” from ESP security, which uses Bluetooth to link any components you wish to add. You can download the Infinite® Prime brochure here.

First the core system needs be connected to mains power, and to your phone line – but once this has been done it is a simple matter to install the other components.

Typically we might install PIR (Passive Infra Red) detectors in each room; door contacts at the main entrance points; smoke, flood, gas leak and carbon monoxide alarms; and extenders to cover outhouses or sheds. Many other sensors are available depending on your specific needs. We would also install a mains-powered siren (with battery back-up) on an outside wall, also wirelessly connected to the system.

Once installation is complete the system will be programmed to your specifications and fully tested – you will also be given a training session so that you fully understand how to use it.

The installation includes a service call button programmed with our number – so if you should need help it will be literally one button push away. To date Tack Electrical have fitted more than 50 of these alarms without significant problems.

Interested? Then please do give us a call on 020 8088 1816 to discuss the many available options. We will be happy to talk you through the system or to demonstrate it at our offices (with tea or coffee on demand, of course!)


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April 7, 2015