Terms and Conditions

  1. Unless otherwise stated there is to be free use of the customers’ electrical and water supply and access to the toilet facilities. The customer shall give access within the office hours of Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd which are 7.30am to 5pm. In the event of this not being given and overtime is worked at the customer’s request, the extra cost will be chargeable in addition to the estimated price.
  1. Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd will provide all the dust sheets and protection necessary for the safe and tidy execution of the work and clear all rubbish as it accumulates.
  1. Every effort will be made to meet the requirements of the customer but no guarantee can be given of the date of commencement or completion of the works for any disputes, fire, accident, non delivery or shortage of materials or any other causes beyond the control of Tack Solutions.
  1. Any licences, permits or other local authority building control approval or any other authority necessary for the execution of any works carried out by Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd be obtained and paid for by the customer prior the start of the works, unless stated.
  1. Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for the existing central heating, plumbing pipe work, faulty fittings whether they are seen or unseen, and will report on these as they become apparent.
  1. Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for any existing electrical faults that can remain undisturbed for many years prior to our works and Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd will make the customers aware of the situations as they are found.
  1. Retention and interim payments to be agreed prior to commencement of work.
  1. Estimates are strictly net and the estimation price will be adjusted to meet any price variations in labour or materials occurring after the date of estimate. This estimate will be alive for three months after date of estimate and thereafter will need to be re-adjusted because of labour and material cost.
  1. Irrespective of any insurance taken by Tack Solutions, the existing structure together with the contents thereof owned by the customer or for which he is responsible and the works and all unfixed materials and goods delivered thereof, placed on or adjacent to the works intended thereof (except plant, and equipment owned or hired by the builder) shall be the sole risk of the customer as regards loss or damage by fire, lightening, explosion, storm, tempest, flood, bursting or overflowing water tanks, apparatus or pipes, earthquakes, aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropping thereof, riot and civil commotion. The customer shall maintain adequate insurance against such risks and shall send a copy of this estimate together with the conditions thereof to his insurers as advice that building work is being carried out on the property.
  1. Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd will maintain full public liability for all its employees and will oversee all other trades on the customer’s site are adequately insured.
  1. Defects except for drying out cracking in plaster work, which exist or may appear within two years of the completion of the works if proved to arise from workmanship or materials not in accordance with the estimate, will be made good by Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd at its own cost (excluding damage caused by others). Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd should be given a fair chance to rectify any faults or workmanship which may occur during the guarantee period. This should be put into writing and sent to our offices. No compensation or refund will be given unless the above is adhered to.
  1. Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd’s guarantee does not cover defects in equipment brought, or supplied by others (materials come with a manufactures guarantee), also defects due to wear and tear, and the replacement of fuses, lamps, alike or any other causes beyond the control of Tack Solutions.
  1. If any repairs, alterations, additions on installation are carried out by any person who has not been specifically authorised by Tack Solutions. The guarantee shall be null and void.
  1. Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd works in conjunction with other tradesmen who are registered with known bodies such as NicEic and Gas Safe. Names and registration numbers can be made available upon request. Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd can assure its customers that our work will be fully signed off by suitably qualified engineers and full certification will be given upon completion and full payment of any said works.
  1. Photographs will be taken whilst on site to aid customers wishing to drill holes in walls where cables and pipes have been run. Images will include the works in progress and as a whole; these images will remain the property of Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd and can be used by any means deemed necessary, including marketing of the business. Any customer wishing to be omitted from this clause must notify Tack Electrical Solutions Ltd in writing within two month of works start date, this must be done by registered post so the customer has proof of posting.
  1. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.
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