Wiring and rewiring

Some older cable installations simply weren’t designed to take the type of load demanded by the number of electrical items people plug into them today.

Wiring a roomIf you own an older property, this means it could be at risk.

Many places only have one socket per room, controlled by a 15 amp circuit back at the board. Over the years, people install more sockets, increasing the load on each circuit – and there comes a time when enough is enough.

This is when Tack Electrical would review your wiring needs and consider rewiring the circuits, making them safe – and redesigning them for any present or future expansion of your property. Adding new wiring and sockets will ensure you have exactly what you need to operate all the family’s gadgets.

Let Tack come into your home and take the time to carry out a proper inspection, checking how the cables stand up to our electrical testing equipment. Then we can plan a way forward for you.

This testing is free if you instruct us to complete the works needed to bring your electrics up to date.

Find out more by taking a look at this report from the Electrical Safety Council.

Guide to condition report for domestic electrical installations

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